About Us

Krysaliis USA has catered to over 2000 customers in just about 2 years

Krysaliis is a silver and silver plated articles manufacturer in India and the US. In the United States, Krysaliis LLC is already a well known brand for silver baby products. With an extensive and unique collection of silver gifts for babies, the US market has been very successful for Krysaliis with over 2000 customers catered to in just about 2 years. Krysaliis USA will now be introducing other categories like Home, Mens Gifts and fresh additions to the existing baby collections.

Krysaliis India, the manufacturing arm of the brand, has a talented and professional team of people visualizing, designing and then creating pieces designed in house. State of the Art technology ensures that everything manufactured under the Krysaliis banner, will be extremely price competitive as well as of top quality finish. Being exporters of all sorts of silver and plated items to the USA and UK, we can guarantee a highly finished product. Our state of the art plant ensures a completely unique and self developed process of manufacturing wherein the weight of silver going into a product is reduced drastically, thus not only making a product much cheaper but at the same time have it looking the same. An advantage that retailers across the UK and USA have realized and are thus creating more products that Krysaliis can manufacture for them. Krysaliis has used this unique method to create bespoke cufflinks for one of the largest wholesaler manufacturers in Europe who in turn supply these all over the world to retailers. Our cufflinks can even be seen at prestigious stores like Harrod’s in London as well as some top retailers in the USA as well.

Our cufflinks can even be seen at prestigious stores like Harrod’s in London as well as some top retailers in the USA as well.

At Krysaliis, we can certainly say that our USP lies in bespoke projects. Working with companies and retailers to develop designs for them that could maybe use their logo or colours or even their specific ideas. From creating sketches, to creating these on CAD, prototyping and then molding and production to final finished pieces. At Krysaliis, we can move you through the entire process, with our team in constant touch to make sure that our client is eventually absolutely satisfied with the output and eventual result.

Our technology not only helps us create products in any price category to suit the budget, but also allows us to create designs that were never before possible through conventional methods. This prospect itself is very exciting cause it actually gives us an opportunity to go ahead and try pretty much anything that a customer visualizes, and creating that visual to a live product is probably the most satisfying aspect of accessibility to technology which is why we can say that bespoke projects are our USP.

Apart from bespoke projects, Krysaliis will of course have an availing presence in the Indian online scenario as well. Being experienced online marketers and retailers in the US, our team is proficient and experienced enough to create an online shopping experience for buying silver and silver plated articles for the Indian consumer. Ease of use, multiple payment options, home delivery, home delivery of options to select from, gift certificates, are some of the various features of the website. Krysaliis will also have its complete line of silverware displayed in its store for viewing and buying purposes. There would be various catalogues for our different collections which include HOME (cutlery, tableware, candlesticks, tea lights, showpieces, photo frames etc.), BABY (rattles, feeding spoons & forks, piggy banks, cups & porringers, keepsakes etc.), MENS GIFTS (desk accessories, money clips, cufflinks, card cases, pens, barware, etc.), WOMENS GIFTS (jewellery, accessories etc ), DIWALI & CORPORATE GIFTS.

To summarise, you can say that at Krysaliis we have a one stop solution for all precious metal needs, be it a gift for a baby, a parent, a friend even diwali and corporate gifting, to bespoke projects. We can SILVERIZE anything!