Precious Metal Care

Silver Care Instructions
At Krysaliis we use high quality of sterling silver for all our products. With proper care, your silver will retain its luster and shine.

Basic Rules of Silver Care
Sterling silver tarnishes due to the exposure of air with the products. Food particles and/or gasses in the air cause tarnish. Silver tarnishes because it undergoes a chemical reaction with sulfur-containing substances. Silver combines with sulfur to form silver sulfide, which is black, and darkens the silver. If used regularly, your products will require less care and retain its luster longer. It is very simple to take care of your products and essential to do as well.

Washing Silver
Krysaliis recommends that you wash products by hand in warm water. Silver should be cleaned immediately after use, especially after contact with food that may cause corrosion or contain acids such as eggs, tomatoes, mayonnaise or salt. Wash in warm soapy water using a mild soap and rinse. Dry immediately to avoid spotting. Avoid lemon scented detergents and those containing chloride. They can be harmful to the silver. Do not soak your silver overnight. Prolonged immersion in water may damage the metal. Washing in a dishwasher is not recommended, as the extreme temperatures may loosen hollow-handled pieces like your knives.

Polishing Silver
Polish with a soft cloth with any brand name silver polish following directions. Dips are not recommended -they will remove the oxidation (darker shading) within the intricate recessed designs in the patterns. Rinse in warm water, dry thoroughly and rub gently with a soft cloth. Make sure all the polish is removed.

Storing Silver
Your silver should be stored in an airtight silverware chest or in bags made of tarnish resistant cloth, as exposure to air will accelerate tarnishing. Storing loose in drawers can cause scratching, and some woods contain acids that will stain the silver. Keep silver away from dampness and direct sunlight. Do not wrap in plastic, newspaper or foil or bind with rubber bands. Krysaliis flannel bags do offer a certain degree of tarnish prevention though do not guarantee prevention for very long; hence once your products are used make sure to store it back in the original bag once absolutely dry. Remember to store your silver once it’s completely dry after use and washing. Sterling silver is a precious metal and may require cleaning from time to time.

  • Store each piece in its individual case to avoid scratches and maintain the luster for longer
  • Store in a cool, dry place to avoid silver from tarnishing quickly

How to clean?

  • Use a small amount of anti-tarnish solution or silver polish on a wet cloth and rub gently. Rinse with warm water and let dry. This will remove any kind of tarnish and dullness, making your silver look new.
  • Do not use any brush or hard cloth.
  • Keep away from chlorine or bleach to avoid tarnishing
  • Do not wash in dishwasher