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Silver Moments by Krysaliis

Welcome to Krysaliis, where gifting is simple yet cherished. Our silver treasures bring affordable luxury, timeless quality, and a touch of innovation to every occasion. Unveil the beauty of understated grace in our collection.

Memorable Gifts

Unwrap Joy : Your ultimate gift guide to find the perfect gift.

Elevate your moments with Krysaliis

Discover a curated collection of exquisite silver gifts that transcend generations. From charming baby keepsakes to sophisticated

adult indulgences, our offerings cater to every milestone & celebration.

Ethical sourcing and manufacturing

Sustainable heirlooms

Timeless pieces to treasure forever

Signature Styles for Everyday Charm

Versatile Charm

Versatile silver tableware can complement various dining styles. Consider classic designs for timeless elegance or modern pieces for a contemporary touch.

Gift recipients loved it! Great service from your company! Thanks so much!

Vedant Poonawalla

The Perfect Gift for my Godson! He will pass this down to the next generation.

Shruti Katre

The Baby Cup and Spoon were of utmost quality. The engraving was perfect.

Jaiprakash Sheghal

Silver helps in improving health, but at the same time it helps in increasing brain power in the growing years. Thus, feeding kids in silverware is a the best way to keep kids healthy. This bottle is really very good, it's not like what we get in local market. Most importantly it's with 999 purity. Which I didn't find anywhere. Thank you so much for making this bottle, I am happy with it

Udarsh Trivedi

The Baby Cup and Spoon were of utmost quality. The engraving was perfect.

Harsh Jadia

The cufflinks are a gift. They were exactly what I was looking for and the monogramming looks great! The delivery was faster than I thought given it was a personalized item.

Ashmita Das

The SS dumbbell is exactly as I expected. The Engraving is correct and looks nice and the baby is able to hold and play with it.

Shweta Patel

Gleam with Silver Elegance. Discover Your Shine!

Silver That Benefits

Silver teething rings and utensils for infants and kids offer natural antibacterial properties, its hypoallergenic nature makes them gentle and safe to use.

Our signature Collection

Baby kubes by Krysaliis - A signature collection of jewellery for kids that combines whimsy with personalization. Adorned with vibrant colored enamels, each piece tells a unique story, making every child's accessory a cherished keepsake!

Engrave and Personalise

Empowering Memories, Crafting Joy: Our mission is personalized gifting perfection. Elevate special moments with beautifully engraved treasures that last a lifetime.